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Amazon is more convenient and accessible than any other e-commerce marketplace.

Listing more than 353 million products, the brand became the first choice for product-related searches, surpassing even Google. In turn, it emerged as a major sales channel for online retailers.

Each product on Amazon has an ASIN and is listed in a catalog. As the only means to maintain selling the products on the Amazon platform, comprehending ASIN is crucial. Every day on Amazon, tens of thousands of new ASINs are created. Therefore, the Amazon catalog number is essential for efficiently managing the product catalog for vendors, buyers, and Amazon itself since it facilitates the quick discovery of the item and assists in avoiding some incidents involving fake goods.

The Amazon ASIN Guide 2022 below will help you understand everything there is to know about ASINs and how to create one for your Amazon product. And also about why asin is hidden in this marketplace and how to resolve it.

What is Amazon’s ASIN Number?

The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a ten-character product identifier used by Amazon. In other words, every product has a different ASIN code, so shoppers can locate the exact item they want. Therefore, there are no two items with duplicate ASIN codes.

An ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is unique to a product within Amazon’s marketplace. So if you sell the same product on different Amazon marketplaces, it will have a different ASIN for each marketplace.

Where Is ASIN Used?

The ASIN assigned to each product by Amazon is distinctive and is used across all of the company’s marketplaces, including,,, and,,,,,, and others.

How To Find An ASIN Number?

Before fixing ASIN is hidden in this marketplace you need to find ASIN number.There are a few ways to find an Amazon ASIN for your product.

  • To start, go to Amazon and type in the product you want. You’ll see the Amazon ASIN in the URL bar after typing in the product name and “Display Picture.”
  • You can find the item by searching for it on Amazon or later navigating to the product page.
  • Finally, you must employ a third-party software application designed for ASIN search. Tools enable us to discover the desired product and compare it with the ASIN outside bulk upload. Utilizing tools might help us save time because finding the item among the many options might take time and effort.

Amazon ASIN Is Hidden In This Marketplace?

The error message “ASIN is hidden in this marketplace Amazon” appears when trying to list a product on Amazon. This occurs because the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for that particular item is not valid in that specific market. 

Sometimes, your ASIN will only be accepted when you want to offer a product utilizing Remote Fulfillment for Canada and Mexico. If something like that happens, Amazon will prevent you from copying the product listing to other markets and display your ASIN as being concealed in the market.

You need a fulfillment facility in Canada or Mexico if you want to sell your goods in those countries via the USA. The term “remote fulfillment” refers to this.

Look up the ASIN number on Amazon’s website to determine whether an item qualifies for sale in other online stores. An error notice stating it is concealed will appear if the product listing is invalid. 

How To Fix The Error “Amazon ASIN Is Hidden In This Marketplace”

During the product listing process, some sellers encounter an error that says, “ASIN is hidden in this marketplace.” This error indicates that the product belonging to that ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) cannot be found in that region (or marketplace). This usually occurs due to using Remote Fulfillment Programs in different regional marketplaces. There are some simple steps to solve this issue:

  • Amazon fixes this error itself most of the time. You must check a day or two later and try to relist your product. You can list your product without hassle if the error has been fixed.
  • If that fails, try checking on a different Amazon marketplace to see if that ASIN is listed there. Usually, looking at Canadian, Mexican, British, Australian, and New Zealand Amazon marketplaces is a good idea because these share many similarities with the American Marketplace.
  • Try to list your product manually on Amazon’s American Marketplace. This method has worked for many people because their products are already listed in another marketplace with a different brand name, but their ASINs are hidden in the US because of a slight difference in the brand’s name. 
  • Contact Amazon Customer Support and detail your case by telling Amazon about your problem. Amazon is very slow to respond to such emails (if they respond), so using the Call Option with Amazon is the best strategy to present your case instead of a written email. 

Why Is Amazon ASIN Significant To Your Company?

Since it is used to maintain your inventory, as a reference for catalog data, and to index product catalog pages for searching and browsing, Amazon ASIN is significant to you and Amazon.

The foundation of the catalog is your Amazon ASIN number, which gives customers additional space to browse several product categories. Customers can also use the search box to find the precise product they’re searching for by typing the product description or ASIN.

ASIN is Amazon’s product identifier code, which helps the company to display your product more accurately in search results. Therefore, it’s crucial that you, as a seller, add the right ASIN for your products. Your products will likely appear in Amazon’s search results if you do.

If you want to sell your product on Amazon, find an existing ASIN that matches your product. If you need help finding one, create a new one.

How To Create A New ASIN In AMazon?

You can create an ASIN for your product if you are a professional seller on Amazon. To do this, follow these steps:

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account.

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account

Click the “Inventory” tab.

Click "Add a Product."

Click “Add a Product.”

Click the "Inventory" tab

Select the product category from the drop-down menu.

Select the product category from the drop-down menu.

Enter the product details.

Enter the product details.

Click “Save and Finish.”

Your new ASIN will be generated, and you can start listing your product on Amazon.

ASINs are important because they help Amazon to index your product and make it more searchable by potential customers. If you want to sell your product on Amazon, create an ASIN. Doing so will make it easier for customers to find your product and make a purchase. 

How Many ASINs Can You Create?

As a new seller, there may be restrictions associated with developing new ASINs. Depending on various circumstances, Amazon may restrict you to five or twenty.

By gradually releasing features to new sellers, Amazon can gauge how much experience the seller has and ensure that they follow guidelines. No matter your level of expertise, Amazon wants to ensure you’re a good fit for its platform.

Although members of the Amazon Brand Registry have fewer restrictions, they are not entirely exempt from risk. To bypass the ASIN creation limit, show Amazon that you are a reliable seller over an extended period.

How Do I Reactivate My Amazon ASIN Account

Amazon has strict policies regarding its marketplace, and any sellers found to be in violation of those policies can have their seller accounts suspended by Amazon. Let us help you with reactivating your Amazon ASIN account:

  • Figure out why Amazon banned your account

Amazon only bans account who violate their policies, but will not give you details about it. There are a number of ways to figure out exactly why your account got suspended.

  1. Read your suspension notice for details (it should be in the Compliance Notice section in the Seller section)
  2. View your Performance Notifications on Seller Central
  3. Check User Reviews
  4. Check your previous ASINs which received policy warning from Amazon
  5. Talk to an Amazon Account Health Representative
  • Next, you need to submit the appeal, which is also known as Plan of Action (POA). But that is the hard part. Make sure you take care of following while writing an appeal.
  1. Do not copy paste a template, Amazon will notice that and your situation will worsen.
  2. Don’t even think about an emotional outburst, or criticizing Amazon in any way. Take responsibility for your actions, and tell Amazon that you will strive to do better in the future, and that selling on their platform is a privilege.
  3. State all the reasons you received in your suspension notice.
  4. Provide a rigorous plan of action, which addresses all complaints Amazon pointed out in the notice, and provides thorough solutions to all those complaints.
  5. Cooperate with Amazon investigators if they ask for more information.
  6. After compiling the appeal (or POA), open up your Suspension Notice, select the ‘Appeal’ option, and submit your POA.

After Amazon reads your appeal, and is satisfied with your Plan of Action, it will reactivate your ASIN account.

What Requirements Apply To An ASIN On Amazon?

There are some limitations when adding a new ASIN to Amazon, especially if you are a new seller. New sellers can create only a small number of listings before demonstrating a track record of successfully selling their products on Amazon. 

But, your ability to create new ASINs for your products increases directly to your Amazon sales. In the future, you should prioritize the product you are listing if you want to enhance your sales volume. You can produce more ASINs the more sales you generate.

What Is The Amazon ASIN Creation Policy?

ASIN helps Amazon index the catalog and show the product as a search result. As a vendor, you must now find and utilize accurate ASINs for your products. Also, Amazon has an ASIN generation procedure that maintains the catalog’s organization and guards against false listings, further enhancing consumers’ buying experiences.

How Can I Use UPCs, ISBNS, Gains, And Eans To Add Unique Amazon Asians?

As previously said, producers or brand owners must add new ASINs for their goods.

You can create a product page with an ASIN and sell it using the “Add Product” feature. You must know your product’s GTIN for this (Global Trade Item Number). Learn how to convert ASIN to UPC.

November 14, 2022

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