Reply To: Why Amazon suppressed the BuyBox, and how can we get it back!

    Barden John

    Amazon suppressed the Buy Box to enforce their Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy because this is the most common cause for the item’s lower price elsewhere.
    The pricing of the item is also too high on
    An item may not have the Buy Box if there is no Prime (FBA) deal available.
    The Buy Box may be disabled by extremely low sales volume.
    Buy box visibility may be affected by a low seller rating score.

    How to get back the buy box?

    Reduce the price of your item till the buy box returns. To achieve an unsuppressed buy box, you might need to experiment with your pricing, raising and lowering it until you hit the sweet spot.
    Even if the buy box is still disabled, lower your pricing so that it is the lowest offer. Being the lowest price will help your listing appear at the top of the page, even if the buy box remains suppressed. The buy box is suppressed doesn’t necessarily indicate that the item won’t ever sell; it only implies that it won’t likely sell as rapidly as it might otherwise. As you’re working with a suppressed buy box, you also want to ensure that your repricer tool settings are accurate.