All Sponsored Display Audience Campaigns Optimization for Both On and Off Amazon

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    To assist advertisers of all sizes in expanding their companies and engaging customers throughout the buying experience, both on and off Amazon, Sponsored Display audiences employ Amazon purchasing signals as a display targeting approach.

    All Sponsored Display audience campaigns optimizing for reach now serve on and off Amazon.

    Sponsored Display audiences use first-party shopping signals. To encourage consideration and awareness, you can use custom-built views retargeting to connect with audiences that have already visited your detail page and brand-new audiences who have previously visited detail pages of items in your category or any other category on Amazon.
    Because Sponsored Display audiences are aware of retail, your advertising will immediately cease running if your product is no longer for sale. Even if a product has low inventory, is now out of stock, or is no longer the Featured Offer, you can still add it to a campaign with confidence that you won’t be charged for advertising that doesn’t result in sales. Personalizing creative headlines and inserting your company logo can help spread awareness among new audiences. Your creatives will also automatically display relevant badges, such as Deal of the Day, Prime eligibility, and Best Seller status. We advise using a unique headline when designing Sponsored Display ads since some sizes may only be available with a logo.
    Your Amazon Ads campaigns may be expanded to include all phases of the customer experience, including the Amazon home page, with the aid of Sponsored Display audiences, driving consideration, and awareness at scale. Through prominent on-Amazon placements that display near the Featured Offer, audiences may keep your items front of mind as they search for and and discover products.

    Custom-built audiences use Amazon buying signals to remarket with simple, adaptable targeting options (e.g., views remarketing).

    Amazon audiences include:

    In-market: You may interact with customers who are “in the market” and have just finished shopping for items in a certain category. Reaching consumers in the same category as your promoted items might encourage consideration. You can also try out new segments to promote product awareness and get share-of-mind.
    Lifestyle: These audiences, positioned for awareness campaigns, represent a range of combined viewing and shopping activities, such as purchasing on Amazon, looking through IMDb, streaming on Prime Video, or watching on Twitch. These actions correspond to lifestyle groups like “foodies,” “sports enthusiasts,” “tech enthusiasts,” and others and show common tastes.
    Interests: Interest-based audiences let you reach out to potential clients based on what they commonly explore and purchase. “Interested in Canadian history” and “interested in interior design” are two examples of these audiences.
    Life events: By targeting life events audiences, you may encourage awareness and consideration for pertinent items based on key life events, such as “travelling soon” for customers planning trips.

    Custom-built and Amazon audiences

    Advertisers are advised to employ both Amazon audiences and custom-built audiences. In your Sponsored Display audiences’ campaigns, start by including “advertised items” and “similar to advertised products.” Both “advertised products” and “similar to advertised items” employ our machine learning algorithms to reach viewers of other popular products, adding scale to campaigns for new and existing products. “Advertised products” remarkets established products to previous detail page visitors. We advise integrating Amazon audiences and custom-built categories to increase scale; start with the segments representing your customers and the category your product belongs to. Utilize the Sponsored Display suite of downloadable reports to assess your progress, and then use what you’ve learned to develop and manage your Sponsored Display product targeting strategy.


    Self-service display advertisements with flexible settings allow marketers to present items, engage potential consumers, and remarket at scale, supporting ongoing Amazon Ads initiatives.
    With Amazon shopping signals, Sponsored Display audiences, and a display targeting approach, helps advertisers of all sizes develop their businesses and engage with customers across the whole purchase journey—both on and off Amazon.

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      This is quite an amazing step taken by Amazon, as you as spend on Display ads and be able to display your ads on platforms like Twitch which is a streaming giant, this has a lot more potential than we can imagine, this is like advertising on YouTube, but within the budget of staying on Amazon only, with the right strategy and execution we can expect extremely good results.


      This has much more potential than we can imagine because you can spend money on display ads and display your ads on platforms like FireTV and IMDB, a major streaming platform. It’s similar to advertising on YouTube but costs less because you’re only using Amazon, so with the right plan and execution, you can expect fantastic results.

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