Amazon DSP Now Offers Bulk Cloning Of Non-Guaranteed Line Items.

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    Amazon DSP is a “demand side platform” that lets you buy ads automatically on Amazon and elsewhere to reach new and existing audiences. This functionality allows you to duplicate and clone multiple non-guaranteed line items (where inventory is not reserved for the line item) at once. As long as the line is active or has ended within 5 days, this functionality is accessible from the line-item grid view. The name of the newly copied and cloned line item is carried over from the original line item, along with the suffix “copy,” making it simple to spot on the line-item grid view. Direct editing of the cloned line item’s name is possible from the line-item grid. You may still update the products, targeting, inventory, bidding, and delivery from within the just-cloned line item.

    amazon dsp

    The blue check mark selects the lines that should be copied. From the Bulk Action menu, the user may copy line items with or without creatives.

    amazon dsp select

    While the line item copies, the copying progress is shown.

    Non-guaranteed line-item bulk cloning enables the development of several copies and clones of a line item at once. This will facilitate line-item generation and the Amazon DSP optimization process for marketers.


    With the aid of this function, it is possible to duplicate and clone several non-guaranteed line items (for which inventory is not reserved) simultaneously. The line must be active or have ended during the previous five days for this functionality to be accessible from the line-item grid view. To make it easier to distinguish the newly copied and cloned line item on the line-item grid view, it retains the original line item’s name and has a “copy” suffix. Right from the line-item grid, the name of the copied line item may be changed. The newly cloned line item still allows for editing of the products, targeting, inventory, bidding, and delivery. It is possible to make several copies and clones of non-guaranteed line items at once by Bulk cloning them. As a result, line-item generation and Amazon DSP optimization will be more streamlined for marketers.

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