Can I sell digital products ?

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    Can I sell digital products (e.g., eBooks, software, etc.) on Amazon Private Label?

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      For eBooks, there is a specific platform KDP, and for software or games, etc. you can sell them on Amazon marketplace. Also, private label is just a business model, so if you’re to you want to sell books of authors that means you’re not doing private label, while for software or another service, you’re manufacturer/develop, you can consider it private label but it is no generic thing unless you’re into piracy.

      Anna Norah

      Yes, Sylvester, you can sell digital products on Amazon, whether they are eBooks or software. If you have written that book or developed that software, then you can go with the private label; there is no issue. But if you want to sell the eBook of any other seller who is selling the same product on Amazon, then without his permission, you can’t sell his books into the Amazon marketplace as a private label, and the same is true for the software.


      yes you can sell the Ebooks or software if that is your own launch or your own development and if you are selling the same that others sellers are selling the same.

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