Do I need to link ASIN with brand if I list it in other marketplaces as well?

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    Kallis Roy

    I have ASIN ‘BHYAYAP’ , if I list same ASIN in other marketplaces then I need to link same ASIN again with brand in respective marketplaces?

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      John Aly

      If you have an ASIN such as ‘BHYAYAP’ listed in one Amazon marketplace and you want to list the same ASIN in other marketplaces, you don’t need to link the ASIN again and again with the brand in each marketplace.

      Robert John

      If you are listing the same ASIN in other marketplaces, you will need to link it with the appropriate brand in each respective marketplace. This is because each marketplace may have its own system for managing product listings and brand information, so it’s important to ensure that your product is properly linked to the correct brand in each marketplace.

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