how to change the browse node of my listing?

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    Stella George

    We are currently attempting to modify the product browse node path for several of our products. These products are essentially the same, but differ in quantities (e.g., 1-pack, 3-pack, and a case of 12-pack). We have brand registry, own the trademark, and have exclusive selling rights on Amazon.

    Despite attempting to update the browse node path through the backend and file upload options, we have been unsuccessful. We have been advised to go through brand registry for changes. However, when we approached brand registry to modify the browse node path, we were informed that it cannot be changed as Amazon’s team of experts has deemed the current node to be the most appropriate.

    Our concern is that an Amazon team, potentially consisting of automated systems, is solely responsible for determining the product’s listing location. We are wondering why we don’t have a say in this decision and how we can effectively change the browse node path.

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