If the brand closes its listing what will happen to other Sellers?

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    If we are doing wholesale and the brand closes its listing, will the other sellers will be able to sell or the listing will be closed for all?

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      Without the support of the brand, sellers may face difficulty in obtaining inventory, as the brand may have stopped production of the products or has closed also The search ranking of the product will be affected if the primary listings are removed and it will affect the visibility and sales of the product and If the product is in high demand, other sellers may try to source it from different channels, but they may face competition and higher prices.

      Barden John

      If a brand closes its listing for wholesale, it is likely that the listing will be closed for all sellers. The brand may choose to only sell through its own channels or through a select group of authorized resellers. If you are a wholesale seller, it is best to confirm the status of the listing with the brand directly.


      yes, all of the other sellers will stop working on it. but that main seller has the authority to reactive it’s listing anytime and can allow any seller to re-start selling under his brand name.

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