should i have to add separate A+ for all marketplace?

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    Stella George

    if i am selling as global selling and i have created the A+ in USA, Does it possible that amazon will show the same ASIN in the other marketplace as well?

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      Anna Norah

      Yes, for this, you have to enable a feature on the A+ content manager tab. On this A+ content manager page, you will see the “Show auto-created content” feature. When you enable this feature, your A+ content will be automatically translated into the languages in which you sell globally. Simply go to another marketplace, such as the Mexico marketplace, and enable the “Show auto-created content” feature, and you will see all the auto-generated A+ contents.

      Emily Dar

      As a seller on Amazon, you can sell your products in multiple marketplaces using the same ASIN. When you list a product in one marketplace, Amazon will automatically create a new ASIN for the product in other marketplaces if a matching ASIN does not already exist in those marketplaces.

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