UPC Barcodes – 4 different colors of the same product?

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    I just purchased UPC barcodes through GS1 and now I am creating the Product Descriptions. I have a 4 pack of a product that contains 4 different colors. So does this 4 pack need 4 different UPC barcodes because of the 4 different colors or just 1 barcode and in the Product Description I name off the 4 different color variations?

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      For pack of product it consider as 1 product so there will be 1 upc barcode needed to create the listing on the other hand if 4 different products you need 4 upc codes.


      Since you got all colors in one package (pack of 4) meaning it is your sales unit or you can consider it as one unit, in this case, you need not purchase individual barcodes for all the colors, but rather have a single barcode for the product.

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