What are the guidelines for creating product images for my listing?

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    Stella George

    What are the guidelines for creating product images for my listing?

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      The products seen in the photos must be properly represented. Your product’s title and photos must coincide. 85% or more of the image must be taken up by your product. Files must be at least 1600 pixels on their longest side in order to provide the best zoom experience for detail pages. It has been demonstrated that Zoom can boost sales.
      Your photo needs to be sharp and well-lit. It cannot be pixelated or fuzzy.
      Kids’ clothes, infant leotards, undergarments, and swimwear cannot be displayed on a human model.
      Do not use any Amazon trademarks, badges, or logos in your photographs. All Amazon products, including Alexa, Prime, and Amazon Smile, are covered by this.

      Every product photo matters when it comes to online shopping. Therefore, if that appearance and feel are lacking, sales will suffer.


      First and foremost is to have a white background (can have others for certain categories such as gaming, etc.), your product needs to cover at least 85% of the area, should give customers a clear idea of what they can expect, the minimum resolution should be 1000×1000, recommended is 2000×2000, ratio, as suggested by resolution, needs to be 1:1, although for gaming (and certain other categories) this can be 3:2 or 2:3.


      there are some basic guidelines, the minimum resolution should be 1000×1000 or the image ratio should be 1:1, the main image cannot have anything except the product, and all images need to have a white background, the product needs to cover a maximum of 85%, it should not exceed this

      Barden John

      Your image must be clear and attractive
      Your main image should have a pure white background
      Your image must exceed 1000 pixels on the longest side and 500 pixels on the shortest side to be zoomable
      Your image must not exceed 10000 pixels on the longest
      Your image should be with high resolution
      You can upload images in JEPG TIFF and GIF format but JEPG is preferred for the product images
      You cannot include any badge like amazon best seller or amazon best choice in your product images

      Anna Norah

      1: The dimensions of all images should be 1500 x 1500.
      2: Your main image should be on a “white” background without shadow.
      3: Shoot your product on all sides and show your product in the 2nd and 3rd images.
      4: Describe your product’s features in the next image.
      5: Create 2–3 infographics images in which our product usage is shown.

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