What are the rules and restrictions for using Amazon?

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    What are the rules and restrictions for using Amazon Private Label’s fulfillment services?

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      Emma Williams

      You have to maintain your IPI score Amazon takes care of all of your inventory and will pick pack and ship on your behalf and will charge you fees for that, you have to follow their rules for replenishing inventory.

      Robert John

      Here are the some rules and regulations for using FBA:
      1) Product eligibility: Not every item is acceptable for Amazon FBA. Some product categories or groups can need further authorizations or limitations.
      2) Product preparation: You are in charge of getting your goods ready in accordance with Amazon’s FBA product preparation guidelines, which may include rules regarding labelling, packing, and safety.
      3) Inventory control: You are in charge of maintaining your stock levels, making sure you have adequate stock to complete customer orders, and controlling the costs associated with FBA inventory storage.
      4) Shipping and handling costs: For your FBA orders, you will be responsible for paying shipping and handling costs, including any necessary inbound and outgoing shipment charges as well as storage costs.
      5) Customer service: Amazon offers customer support for purchases delivered by Amazon FBA, but you are in charge of resolving any questions or problems from customers.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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