How To Create An Amazon Baby Registry | Step-By-Step Guide

The most joyous moment of your life is when you announce your pregnancy due date, and your friends and family get extremely excited to welcome your little one with a bundle of gifts.

They look for something that gives them happiness and ultimate joy. What do you think is that thing that is memorable yet useful? Of course, a baby registry.

Creating an Amazon baby registry is an incredible way to keep good track of your baby’s precious moments. Creating a baby registry on Amazon is something that only some know. However, it is a valuable process that is so easy to understand.

Making a universal registry would be a smart choice as a parent because it helps you save lots of money and avoid awkward situations while receiving the corresponding gifts.

Today, Amazon has become a highly emerging platform for hosting a baby registry. This article is a complete guide on how to make a baby registry on Amazon.

So let us find it out!

Setting Up An Amazon Baby Registry In 4 Simple Steps

setting up an amazon baby registry in 4 simple steps, amazon baby registry

Looking for an Amazon baby registry? You are at the right place. Here, We will teach you a tentative process that helps you create an Amazon baby registry page.

Step 1: Generating An Amazon Baby Registry

Generating An Amazon Baby Registry

To create an Amazon baby registry, the first step is to create an Amazon account if you are not a user of Amazon or log in to your existing account if you already have one. So, that’s the foremost step to getting your baby registry on Amazon.

Step 2: Mention Your Details

Mention Your Details

The next step after creating an account is to complete the form and provide your information where applicable. You’ll be asked to introduce yourself, the baby, and how you hope to receive the gifts.

Do you realize that the most crucial component of this stage is your mailing address? Yes, make sure the delivery address is correct when entering your information. The address needs to be where someone is constantly available to accept your gifts.

You now need to pay close attention to the available gifts. You can access the diaper fund here and use it to sign up for the Amazon gift cards. Additionally, it permits group gifting for items that cost more than your specific.

  • Amazon Gift Cards:

Once you are registered for the Amazon gift cards, you will now get the amazing option of sending the gift card with a specific credit amount. That’s epic. Now there is no need to buy the baby products yourself. You can also check for the Amazon free baby gift option. It is an incredible option for the ones that want to save some money.

  • Amazon Diaper Fund:

Heard about the Amazon diaper fund? It permits you to create an invitation for your family and friends and ask them to donate diapers to a maximum range of $550.

Amazon also acknowledges your donations in the form of gift cards which you can use to buy something on Amazon. Buying diapers on Amazon is not a compulsion.

  • Amazon Group Gifting:

The group gifting option on Amazon has its benefits. This option will give you whatever you wish for over a specific amount. There is no need to get restricted to the list of your cheaper goods. That’s an amazing thing about creating a baby registry on Amazon.

  • How To Configure Your Baby Registry’s Accessibility?

Is the accessibility of your baby registry something that is bothering you? Worry not. You can now configure the accessibility of your baby’s registry in just 3 ways.

  1. Firstly, make your baby’s registry approachable to everyone around you so that anybody can check it online.
  2. Make it accessible to those you have shared your baby’s registry with. There is a private link for this option.
  3. Make your baby’s registry private. This will therefore be visible to the other registrants only.

Step 3: Add Your Favorite Items To The Amazon Baby Registry

Do you know how to add items from other sites to the Amazon registry? Chin up; Amazon now features an option that redirects you to the page where you can add your favorite things to your newly created amazon baby registry.

This is a two-step process that needs to be understood.

Step 1:

Open the Amazon registry checklist. You will see a well-maintained list of the baby’s necessities that Amazon beautifully creates.

Step 2:

The second step is so easy. In this step, you need to open a single page of the product, select the item, and add that to your baby registry.

NOTE: Amazon allows you to change or remove the item completely from your baby’s registry. However, if you immediately need an item, you can buy it directly. Amazon is one of the amazing marketplaces that have a return policy even if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

Registration page:

registration page

Looking for the registration page? Here are the steps to learn. While opening the registration page, you will find links to some important menus at the top of your registration page.

  • The Registry Settings:

This is an option where you can change the settings of your baby’s registry anytime.

  • Add Items To Amazon Registry:

Now, the other step is to select the option and start generating your wish list. Add your favorite items to the registry.

  • Share Your Registry:

In this menu, find the share registry option and send the shareable link to your closed ones.

  • Welcome Gift Box:

After ending up the entire process of making a baby registry on the amazon app, get quick access to the Amazon surprise welcome box for babies and new parents.

  •  Discounts On Registry’s Completion:

Get up to 20% discount after completing the process of creating a baby registry. Moreover, you can get deals for Amazon Family membership and Prime membership.

Step 4: Tell Your Family And Friends About Your Baby Registry

Tell Your Family And Friends About Your Baby Registry

It’s time to inform friends and relatives after the baby registry is complete.

Select Share Your Registry to accomplish this. You’ll be given a URL that you may give to anyone you want to give gifts to. You can also make the registry publicly accessible if you like.

Your wishlist can be sorted by price and priority for those with the link. To avoid double-selling, all previously purchased items will be tagged accordingly.

It could be trickier than you think to find products to add to your wishlist. Since most people offer presents after the baby is born, you should include goods you will only need after a while.

Things To Include In Your Baby Registry

Finding the Amazon baby registry search items and putting them on your wish list can take time and effort. So, adding the things you do not need urgently is suggested, as most folks prefer sending gifts after the baby is born.

Apart from the essential items, please add the pricey items to your baby registry’s wish list. It’s always the right decision to add a few essentials like toys, clothing, nursing items, and blankets.

Can You Have More Than One Amazon Registry?

This is the most frequently asked question in the comment section. So the answer is that yes, you can have one or more than one amazon baby registries.

People expecting their second child can have another baby registry for the second baby. Still, it has some specified conditions, like it will be inactivated, and your second registry will take its place.

Ways To Create Your Second Baby Registry

  • If you don’t need the items from your previous registry, it is good to deactivate your first registry and activate your second one.
  • Adding new products to your already existing amazon baby shower registry can be a good idea if it works.
  • If the second point does not work, you must completely erase the previously used baby registry and create a second one for yourself.

Here is the Amazon Baby Registry List.


In a nutshell, that is why people ask how to find a baby registry on amazon. Because of this, it is a little tricky but worth seeing. It helps you get the baby gears so easily. On platforms like Amazon, you have a massive option of opting for the best baby products.

Make sure that a few items you added to the list must be expensive also, as it helps you maximize the opportunity. Moreover, it will be fun for your friends and family to send gifts for your baby in this way.


How do I find someone’s baby registry?

Open the website, and click on the “Registry” option that should be available under the search bar. In the next screen, enter the name of the person who created the registry in the “Search by Registrant name” bar, and choose the “Baby Registry” option from the drop-down menu next to it, and hit search.

How do I find a person’s gift registry on Amazon?

On the website, click on the “Registry” option under the search bar. In the following window, enter the name of the person who created the Gift Registry in the “Search by Registrant name” bar, choose the “Gift List” option from the drop-down menu, and click on search.

What percentage does Amazon take from baby registry?

There is no fee on creating an Amazon baby registry. In fact, Amazon provides a discount to Prime Members on buying through a baby registry.

What is Amazon baby registry?

Amazon baby registry is a subtype of Amazon Registry. A registry is sort of like a wish list, but it allows you to know which people have bought gifts or items from Amazon after finding them through your registry. Amazon Baby Registry allows someone to create a registry of baby-related items such as toys, baby clothes etc, which friends and relatives can view and buy for babies on special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

Amazon also provides a 15 % discount to Amazon Prime members on 60% completion of items bought through the baby registry.

November 17, 2022

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