Sharing Amazon Cart With Other People

When browsing and shopping on through its website or the mobile apps, you store many items in Amazon Cart that have been selected for purchase at a suitable time. A friend or acquaintance might be interested in viewing your cart for any number of reasons, or maybe you want to solicit someone’s opinion about a particular item in your cart that you’re not sure whether to go ahead with purchasing it or not.

Amazon does not provide a way to share a cart with other people through its own platforms. There are however, a number of third-party tools and extensions that allow you to do that. Let’s take a look at two of the most popular extensions that enable you to share your Amazon cart with others.

How To Share Amazon Cart With Someone

share amazon cart

This extension is widely used for sharing shopping carts of Amazon as well as many other E-Commerce platforms. The process is simple and easy to follow:

  • Open any search engine and search for “Share A Cart”.
share a amazon cart
  • Select the “Share A Cart Amazon” search result. It should be among the top-five search results at the top of the page.
share a cart
  • From the download window, select “Add to Chrome” to install this extension on your Google Chrome browser.
amazon share a cart chorome extension
  • Sign into your Amazon account, and open your shopping cart window.
open your shopping cart window in amazon account
  • Open the “Share A Cart” extension. It is on the top right near the address bar.
open share cart extension
  • Open the “Create Cart ID” option to generate a unique ID for your Cart.
generate unique id for you cart
  • Share your unique Cart ID through a text message or email, or by clicking on Share Button at the bottom of the extension. A number of messengers and sharing methods are supported by this extension.
unique id cart thorough text

The recipients of your unique Cart ID need to install the same extension on their browsers and follow these steps to view your cart:

  • Open the “Share A Cart” extension, and then click on “Receive Cart” option.
receive cart option on extension
  • Enter the Cart ID of the cart that you want to view and click “Get Cart”.
get you cart from extension
  • The shopping cart whose unique ID has been entered will appear on the screen.
shopping cart
  • Shopping Cart Share

amazon shopping cart share

The second most popular plugin for sharing Amazon Cart is the Shopping Cart Share extension. This extension is different in that it integrates with the website itself and allows you to share your cart with others. It is easy to install and use, and is also available on Android and iPhone versions. Let’s see how it works:

  1. Search for “Shopping Cart Share” in your search engine.
shopping cart share
  • Select the “Shopping Cart Share for Amazon” search result at the top of the page.
download share shopping cart for amazon
  • Install the extension by selecting “Add to Chrome” in the download screen.
add to chrome extension
  • Open the extension by selecting it from the extension bar at the top right.
add to extensions
  • Select the “Cart” Option from the list that appears to load your Amazon shopping cart.
amazon shopping cart

After integrating Shopping Cart share with your profile, there are multiple ways of sharing your cart with others. Let’s take a look into all of them.

The Share Cart / Wall and Share Cart / Link Options will generate a unique URL for your cart that you can share with anyone, and they can view your cart by simply opening that URL in a browser.

The Share Cart / Email option will allow to directly send your page URL to anyone through Email.

share a cart with link, wall or email

These are two of the best tools that enable you to share your Amazon cart with anyone. The simplicity of these two extensions is only matched by their accessibility, and they allow you to share your whole cart with other people, and enable them to view and edit the contents to their liking, share their opinions about some of the items, and possibly incorporate the items in their own carts.

October 27, 2022

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