Payment Revision Needed On Amazon | Here Is How To Resolve

What Is Payment Revision On Amazon?

When you receive a message from Amazon telling you that you need to revise your payment method, it means that, for some reason, Amazon has not been able to access your money through your card for an order you just made. Let us take a look at some of the most common reasons behind this problem payment revision needed on Amazon:

  • Your credit card company or your bank is declining the payment. This could be done for several reasons, such as entering an incorrect PIN number or suspected fraudulent activity.
  • Your credit card has expired, and you haven’t noticed it yet. Amazon always tries to process payments with the available card information, but if they can’t, they will tell you to revise your payment.
  • Some card companies allow you to limit your daily or monthly spending through your credit card. Maybe you have reached your spending limit, too. Then the bank will decline your payment to Amazon, and Amazon will send you this message.
  • You do not have enough money in your bank account to pay for the order you just made on Amazon. For example, if you buy an item worth $2000 on Amazon, your bank account only has $1900. Once Amazon figures out you do not have sufficient funds to pay for your order, they will ask you to revise your payment to pay the full purchase amount.
  • Amazon can also display this message if they have a problem with your billing address. This may happen when you have changed cities (or countries) but forgotten to update your new billing address on Amazon. 
  • Another common reason behind this problem is providing amazon with incorrect details of your credit/debit card. Carefully check the card number, expiry date, or CVV to make sure you provide the same information to Amazon that is printed on your card. 
  • Suppose you have utilized Amazon Prime’s services, but Amazon cannot process your monthly (or yearly) payments through your current credit card. In that case, Amazon will display the message saying that Amazon Prime payment revision is needed, demanding that you change your payment method to pay for (or renew) the Amazon Prime services you have subscribed to.

If you are wondering why Amazon keeps saying payment revision is needed, you probably have one of the issues with your credit card or bank account.

Payment Revision Needed Amazon Fix.

Payment Revision needed Amazon fix.

Once you encounter the payment revision needed Amazon problem. Here is what you need to do:

  • Try updating your payment method and billing address. Re-fill all your credit card details and update your billing address if you’ve switched locations. Sometimes a small mistake involving wrong spelling or dates can cause this problem, so make sure you fill out the information exactly as it is on your credit card.
  • Check your credit card spending limit. Sometimes we get carried away shopping online and spend way too much, then realize it later and tell our credit card company to put a limit on our card spending. It is highly likely you have put a daily, weekly, or monthly limit on your spending and have forgotten about it. If that is the case, you will have to increase your credit limit to pay off Amazon. 
  • If all these things fail, immediately contact your credit card company and bank. An Amazon problem with payment methods could be because your bank has refused to cooperate with Amazon for any reason. For example, you might have misused your account in some way, or there has been some suspicious activity involving your account. Contact your bank to resolve those issues.

How To Update The Payment Method On Amazon

Once you have figured out the real cause behind this problem or have a new payment method ready, log in to your Amazon account and update your payment method from the Your Orders page. Then re-submit your order to Amazon. If Amazon is satisfied with your revised payment method, they will proceed with your order delivery as normal.

Beware Of Scammers 

Beware of Scammers 

Many people are using the pretext of Amazon payment revision for fraudulent purposes. To avoid being scammed, ensure that the payment revision email you have received is from the official Amazon address, which contains the address Ignore or report these emails, and refrain from clicking on any links they provide to stay safe.


Many Amazon shoppers have come across this dreaded message and have wondered why payment revision is needed on Amazon. Amazon only displays this message when they cannot procure funds from your payment method to pay for your order and will not proceed unless you remedy the situation. It is not hard to figure out the possible cause of this problem if you look closely and working alongside your bank to solve the issue to resume shopping on Amazon. 


What Is The revise Payment On Amazon?

Revise payment is an option on which lets users change their payment methods on Amazon. You can change your payment method anytime for any order through the Your Orders page on your Amazon account.

Why Is My Card Being Declined Even Though I Have Money?

There are several reasons for which your credit/debit could be declined. Some of the most common reasons are:

You entered the wrong PIN number.

The card has already expired, without you realizing it.

The retailer you are shopping at does not accept your particular brand of card.

Your bank suspects wrongdoing or possible fraudulent activity regarding your account and has decided to block it to thwart suspicious fraudulent activity.

The card machine at the checkout is malfunctioning.

Why Is Amazon Not Accepting My Payment?

Amazon has a robust system for processing payments, so if they’re declining yours, the possible reason is likely one of the following:

  • Your bank refused to pay Amazon. Contact your bank immediately to ascertain the probable cause of payment failure.
  • The transaction did not complete, and the payment failed. This could happen due to bad internet, accidentally hitting the Refresh or Backspace buttons, or you fill out some details incorrectly.
  • Amazon and your bank have run into trouble over some technicality. Again, contact your bank to find out the reason and work to resolve it. 

Always try to reach out to your bank in these circumstances because contacting Amazon will get you nowhere, as they will always insist (with good reason) that the trouble is on your side. Working with your bank is the best way to move forward in these scenarios.

Here is the way how you can set up your amazon payments.

How Do I Revise Payment On Amazon?

A lot of people do not have any idea what is revised payment in Amazon. To revise your payment method:

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Select Your Orders.
  • Select an order (for which you want to change the payment option) and then click on Revise Payment Method.
  • Select your desired payment method, fill in the details and click on Retry Payment. 

How Long Does Amazon Wait For A Payment Revision?

Amazon waits for 12 hours for a pay revision. Your order is put on hold during that time, and if you successfully resolve your issues and Amazon can access your funds through your card, your order will be proceeded successfully. If you haven’t resolved your issue within 12 hours, Amazon will cancel the order.

Why Does Amazon Keep Saying Payment Revision Needed

Amazon has been saying the same thing for months now- they need to approve payments made through the company’s checkout process. It turns out, this is a problem because Amazon is using a third-party processor to process payments and that the payment processing company is having trouble keeping up with the demand. This has caused problems for both Amazon and the payment processing company, which has resulted in some payments being late and others not being at all what was expected.

November 3, 2022

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